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December 31, 2006



Oh God, that backyard pic is sooo Ontario. Sniff. Can't explain why, exactly, but it is. Your house is soooo cuuuute! I love the colour you painted the living room.

Girls. They've definitely got their own ideas about fashion. I'm having real problems with Owen being in kindergarten this year (he's probably only half gracie's size! At his xmas concert, Ross joked and asked why he was standing on his knees on stage. Lol. )


Ok, I've had too much champagne and I'm nowhere near midnight here!


Ruth, the house is adorable!! Congrats to you guys, I know how long you have been wanting this. I can't believe how big Gracie is getting!


wow! you do have a huge yard! awesome! I cant wait to see more pics of yours house as you guys get stuff done. I cant believe how big Miss G is! wow!

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